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Pokemon 151 Evo Line Print 9 Slab Frame | Black, 39x29mm

Pokemon 151 Evo Line Print 9 Slab Frame | Black, 39x29mm

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Made to order with foam to hold your slabs in position, behind an attractive printed and bevelled cut mountboard, and premium acrylic sheeting with excellent UV protection and high clarity. Our solid wood frames are double pinned in the corners for strength. For these printed slab mounts, you can either choose to have a second complete printed board for behind your slabs, or at a lower price you can choose to have our usual backing board (reversible premium mountboard), which is white on one side and black on the other.
- Printed 9 slab frame approximate external dimensions: 15x21 inches 
- 39x29mm moulding profile (width x depth)
- Professionally made in the UK using solid wood
- Bespoke foam layer to hold slabs behind bevelled cut printed mount
- Premium acrylic sheet at the front, with excellent clarity and high UV protection
- Easy to use openings on reverse with MDF backing board and hanger
Note, for this printed frame we use a larger internal frame size than our equivalent standard frame, so that we can better show off the artwork. Please keep that in mind if you plan to display directly next to another 9 slab frame.

Artwork extended by mangovstar - our exclusive design partner for extended artwork display frames.

This listing is for the frame only - NO CARDS OR SLABS ARE INCLUDED.
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