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Acrylic Display Stand for Small frame

Acrylic Display Stand for Small frame

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Some frames in our range are custom sized and as a result don't always feature a strut back, as strut backs (the attached mdf standing leg) are only available for industry standard stock-sized frames.. For example, our 3 raw card frame, or 4 slab frame each don't stand freely and are for wall hanging only by default.

Please check the product description and additional images of the frame you wish to buy for clarity on the above.

If you would like the option for one of those frames to be displayed on a display stand, this product is a great option and is suitable for small frames (no larger than 22mm deep, and no larger than for 2 rows of cards or slabs tall). If in doubt please contact us and we will advise or test compatibility before dispatching.

Black and white options are available.

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