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6 Combined (3 Booster Packs + 3 Graded Trading Card Slabs) Display Frame | Black, 22x22mm

6 Combined (3 Booster Packs + 3 Graded Trading Card Slabs) Display Frame | Black, 22x22mm

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Don't hide your packs and slabs away! Display them proudly in this purpose made combined TCG booster pack and slab frame.

Made to order with a custom foam layer and mount to suit 3 booster packs on one row then 3 Graded card slabs on the next, these are ideal for displays celebrating the 'big 3'. The internal mount can be rotated easily as it is not fixed into the frame, so you can switch up the design to be slabs top, boosters bottom if you perfer.

Specifically designed with Pokemon booster packs in mind, but will work with other packs of the same standard trading card size or very similar pack size. Furthermore, we stock different depths of foam and can create custom sized frames and mounts, so custom orders are welcome.

This listing is for a black solid wood frame with a brushed finish, and matching black mount for that timeless professional look. The mount has a bevelled white edge to frame the window through which the pack artwork can be seen. Depending on the size of the pack, occasionally the crimps can be seen, as shown with the additional image showing a vintage Pokemon Gym Heroes booster pack.

Not sure if your pack will be compatible? The best thing to do is to compare your pack's size to a modern Pokemon card pack such as Silver Tempest, Lost Origin or Evolving Skies (all sized approx. 111x66mm), ensuring your pack is no larger than this, as these display frames fit a modern pack perfectly with almost all the pack artwork on show through the window. Larger long crimps (such as those with the hanging slot) would only be compatible by folding the excess crimp behind the pack. If in doubt, just contact us for advice or a quote for a custom order.

Other colour frames, mounts and background options are available on request, and we are here to help with quotes for custom sizes and layouts.

Features of all our pack and slab frames:

- Professionally made from solid real wood
- Made to order in the UK
- Pack frames including bespoke foam layer to considerately hold pack in position
- Acid-free mount board with bevelled edge windows
- Acid-free reversible (black one side and white the other) backing mount (this acts as a barrier for dust and water and stops your boosters and slabs from directly touching the outer MDF board)
- Premium quality UV protective cast acrylic
- Easy to use openings on reverse with MDF outer backing board.

Features specific to this particular frame listing:

- 6 window/voids, for use with 3 sealed booster packs and 3 slabs, with 22x22mm black wooden moulding, and approx size 13x13 inch externally
- You can simply rotate the mount if your pack and or slab artworks are landscape, or simply to show either/or at the top or bottom.
- Includes acid-free front mount with foam holder, plus backing mount, then outer MDF  back with hanging fixing.

This listing is for the frame only - NO BOOSTER PACKS OR SLABS ARE INCLUDED. Those shown in the photos are just shown for demonstrative purposes.

All frames are sent considerately packaged, and acrylic sheets will include protective film which should be removed before use. Please take care when opening packages.

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